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Greg Wilkoff, Founder & Owner, Adept Networks

Greg Wilkoff


Our Vision

To be the best technology services company by facilitating personal achievement for our team to make possible and safe guard maximum productivity of our clients, employees and our loved ones without compromise and with integrity.

A Letter From The Founder

Our Mission

Building strong processes and systems in order to support our team in providing excellent, proactive support we will increase and safeguard the integrity and productivity of our clients’ information technology systems which will enhance their businesses and provide peace of mind.

Our Core Values

For our team and clients Adept Networks wants to be a destination, not a stepping stone. With that in mind, our core values revolve around the following key methods.

  • Hire team members who are easy to get along with. Do not have big egos, are teachers by nature, who work with our team and our clients to impart their knowledge effectively. Our team members are lifelong learners. There is no room in IT for stagnant skills and knowledge sets. They are highly skilled in their craft and yet down to earth. They genuinely care for our team and our clients.

  • Seek clientele who are eager to have a long-lasting relationship with us, who are amiable and are a pleasure to do business with. We strive to please our clients by being the best. It’s always good to hear we’re doing a good job and to know we can make a meaningful difference in their productivity.

  • Use the best tools and systems for our operations. To be the best we must have the best people, processes, and products.

  • Everyone is in marketing and sales. Each employee must strive to represent Adept Networks in the best way possible. Every team member should be looking for ways to make a client’s IT infrastructure more stable, reliable, and fast and working with our sales department to make recommendations to our clients.

  • Adept Networks exists to be a blessing to our team and our clients.

  • To make sure that our families do not suffer due to overwork or high stress. Family is a priority for our team members.

  • We are holistic. We are not break-fix. We look to keep everything operational 100% of the time. In doing so we look for ways to reduce loss of productivity and mitigate or eliminate single points of failure.

  • We are not the cheapest solution and we seek quality over price to achieve better results.

Your IT Experts

It’s our great pleasure to help local businesses succeed and grow. Adept Networks builds customized IT solutions optimized for your business success. We keep our promises without burdening our clients with long-term agreements.

  • We're Established

  • We're Available 24x7

  • We Respond

  • We'll Fix the Problems Others Could Not

  • We'll Guarantee Our Work

Best IT Services in Spokane, Medford, & Coeur D'Alene - Adept Networks

See the Adept Advantage for Yourself!

What Sets Adept Networks Apart

When other IT companies have let you down, we’re here to pick you up. We take our relationship with you seriously and we want to foster a long-term business relationship with your organization. You WILL get experts that care about your success and productivity.

Our Approach

Diagnose -> Design -> Plan -> Communicate -> Execute -> Remediate -> Deliver -> Maintain -> Repeat. This is our strategy for projects and implementation success. We do not overburden our technical resources which allows them to do a fantastic job getting your technology to the next level.

Our Clients

We are selective in choosing the clients we serve and how many we take on at a time. Our clients appreciate that we do not overburden our systems and teams with too much work at one time. This mitigates quality issues and keeps us familiar with client systems and environments. Being a client of Adept Networks means knowing you are understood, appreciated and cared for in the best way possible.

Our Team

It’s important that we are good communicators, great teachers and phenomenal IT specialists in order to deliver the best product to our clientele. Each team member at Adept Networks is selected because they are excellent in all three of these areas plus they truly care about you.

We Are Not Just another IT Services Provider

In order to seamlessly implement personalized IT services that work for your business, Adept Networks takes the time to understand your unique operations. As your local managed IT services provider for nearly two decades, we know that optimal IT solutions look different for every business. That’s why we create solutions designed to align with your business goals and make your vision for the future a reality.

Our expert team specializes in both network and telecom solutions. We build systems that seamlessly integrate all of your business operations. We give your team the tools they need to take collaboration to the next level, enhance efficiency and streamline workflow. All of this is done with a flat, monthly rate and without lengthy contracts.

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