Our Clients

Response Time is Incredible

"Having all of our technology through the same business. Having our backups, phones, internet and computers overseen by the same company is very convenient. Adept has been wonderful in identifying the needs of our company and finding solutions and services that are a custom fit for our company.

Adept’s response when we are having problems is incredible. They are always able to respond right away when we are having any kind of technical difficulty. In addition, they have expanded their services as technology changes, always staying on the cutting edge of new changes in the industries. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to have Adept oversee your whole-office needs."

~ Corinne Drake, Andersen Morse & linthorst

Friendly and Fast

“Since moving to Adept Networks, our network of computers and servers has experience far fewer issues than we had experience with our previous contractor. The staff at Adept Networks is always there when we need them, they are friendly and fast at getting to the source of the problem and at getting us back on track. Others may say they can offer you better service, but Adept Networks delivers every day. They are the very backbone of our network and operations, I do not know where we would be without them.”

~ Paul Anderson, Rogue Truck Body

Always go the Extra Mile

“My company hired Adept a few years ago and we used their service all the way up to our company closed down in 2021. We switched over to Adept from another IT management company because of how we were being treated by them, and we were very happy with the switch.

Adept has a good group of techs that always go the extra mile to find and fix the issue and their customer support is excellent.”

~ Dom

Consistent and Reliable

"Adept Networks has consistent and reliable service allowing my staff to function without IT interruptions. They are able to create a plan that serves my unique needs without forcing me into an inclusive plan I cannot afford. They are consistent on following an issue and follow up to resolve the issue in timely way.


Adept is a one stop shop who can provide the equipment, build the network and put in place the infrastructure needed. It allows me to act as a larger company than I am while saving money by not having a private IT staff. Above all, they are a local company who can have boots on the ground if needed. Other companies serving our area require you to have one of your own on site who assists the IT group. This greatly reduces the overall value of the service. Adept’s model does not require this. It makes them unique in the outsourced IT market.”"

~ Ben Smith, Director, Mid Rogue Imaging

Professionalism, Quality, and Responsiveness

"At B2B Transportation we began growing at such a quick pace we needed a team to help manage our IT solutions. Adept has been the key to the successful transition. Every member of their team goes well beyond basic service. They treat you as a family member right from the start. They are truly invested in the safety and security of your company. They take the time to explain solutions in a manner you can easily understand. They are very responsive and quick to resolve any issues you face so there is no down time. I am so happy with Adept and all they do for our company. I highly recommend their services!"

~ Adriann Reyes, B2B Transportation

Digital Ninja

"Adept Networks is like having a digital Ninja on call. Most of the time the Ninja's keep everything running smoothly in the background, but on the off chance that I have Trouble I give Adept a call and the ninjas leap into action and fix the problem. I highly recommend the digital Ninja's at Adept and who knew that Ninja's were also friendly!"

~ James Brown, Director of IT for Soldiers LLC

Pen Testing

"The scan itself was very straight forward, the data that it gave us provided insight to potential security vectors that could be manipulated. Then we could decide if we needed to remediate or put something in place to address those potential security gaps."

~ Andrew Nelmes, Grange Co-op IT Director

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