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Cloud is the ultimate internal collaboration tool. With it, we’ll streamline your systems so your team can work smarter, together. Cloud managed services allow access to your files anywhere where there’s an Internet connection. Paired with our collaboration tools, we offer a holistic solution for secure collaboration for your business.

Businesses, especially healthcare offices, hospitals and financial institutions, require a certain level of security compliance to operate. With Adept Networks as your cloud managed service provider we can give your business assurance it will be held to compliance standards and remain secure.

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Cloud Services Provider

More than any other time in history, the key to success in any industry is adaptability. The opportunities and flexibility that cloud computing offer are unparalleled and they have never been as affordable for small to medium-sized businesses as they are now. Adept Networks will migrate some or all of your systems to the cloud with minimal downtime while maximizing the benefits.

As your local IT provider, Adept Networks knows the issues that can slow your productivity and growth. Therefore, we will take the time to develop and support the best cloud solutions for you.

Cloud Managed Services We Offer

Keep your critical business applications and data efficient by choosing Adept Networks as your Cloud Services Provider (CSP).

The security and well-being of your sensitive data should be your greatest concern. After all, it is the lifeblood of your business. With Adept Networks as your cloud managed service provider, you can put all security worries aside. We host private cloud solutions that reside on dedicated servers in our own local data center. This allows us to leverage the flexibility of the cloud with the safeguards of private ownership and a regional repository.

Private cloud from Adept Networks offers physical and virtual systems, maintaining offsite storage of digital assets while still located in a local, private and secure environment. We’ll minimize the need for hardware to reduce operating costs. Our customizable and flexible solutions will keep you in compliance across multiple industries. They also provide you with total control over your data and, over time, they can be very cost effective.

Working smarter and more efficiently is what will give your business an edge over your competition. Public cloud services from Adept Networks will allow you to get the most out of your budget while optimizing network performance and distributing your digital assets on a global instead of local repository, helping to insure against data loss due to regional disasters.

Our solutions include Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others. We’ve found many benefits from reduction in complexity to limiting or eliminating maintenance concerns. Also, public cloud solutions offer nearly unlimited scalability which leads to lower initial costs while retaining agility for your data.

Most businesses need a cloud managed services solution that both protects their most secure data and fosters a collaborative workplace among its employees. Hybrid cloud lets you enjoy the data security of the private cloud with the flexibility of the public cloud. With it, you will streamline your on-site server performance by merging it with the cloud and offer a variety of possibilities to best suit your business.

We consider your business’ budget, security priorities, industry compliance requirements and flexibility needs to develop a hybrid cloud system that best addresses its needs. Maximize your in-house server environment with our custom options and let us build a hybrid cloud that works for you.

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Cloud Managed Services FAQs

A managed cloud service includes controlling and being responsible for a client's cloud platform, operations, maintenance, monitoring, and performance.

The main benefits of IT Cloud Managed services is they provide improved cybersecurity, low costs, better uptime, and disaster recovery support.

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"I would highly recommend Adept Networks for all of your personal and business IT needs! I'm constantly blow away at how fast they show up after we contacted them - no waiting around for help to fix a concern. Their level of customer service is the highest. I appreciate their attention to detail and their "can do" attitude."

Matt B. | Mercedes-Benz of Medford

"Adept always provides professional, friendly, and prompt service. You have helped us with all our issues, even the little things that are probably not your normal question or issues. We have always received exceptional support from Adept. You really have been there for us and are our 'go to' when we have an issue."

Jessica J. | Evergreen Law Group

"For any IT need I'll be looking to Adept first. They made a very large IT project very easy to manage from a client standpoint guiding us through the process one step at a time. Cutting over phone services have always been an issue in the past and Adept made the process so smooth our staff had almost zero down time during the transition."

Jefferey E. | Personnel Source

"Once we hired Adept for our IT needs, we had immediate service. Not only that, but it hasn't stopped! They are one of the few companies that I can say have gone beyond my expectations in their service."

Sherry D. | Mid Rogue Imaging Center

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