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Clearfly is leading the way in modern business communications. With their best in class SIP trunk offerings, SMS services, excellent rates and superior support, we are able to bring our clients out of the stone age of telecommunications into the 21stcentury.

Adept Networks chose Clearfly Communications many years ago after working with several other service providers. It became immediately clear that Clearfly is superior in every way. Their competition faded over the years and they now stand stronger than ever. We at Adept are grateful for our partnership with Clearfly and our customers appreciate the excellent service we are able to provide with Clearfly’s products.

  • Streamlines Communication

  • Cost Savings

  • Excellent Service

  • VoIP Phone System

  • Electronic Fax & SMS

  • SIP Trunking

  • Reliable

The Clear Phone Choice for Your Business

20 years ago, the best a small business could get was analog phone lines from the phone company. They could connect them to a PBX and pay huge sums of money for the service, long distance and the hardware. They could not afford features like direct dial lines and caller ID was just becoming an option for some. Fast forward to today and phone systems have dropped in price by 75%, or even more if you combine your phone service and phone system under a hosted solution.

Benefits of Clearfly Communications

Keep your communication systems streamlined by using Adept Networks partners for your phone systems.

Clearfly’s primary product is SIP trunks. For those who do not know what SIP trunks are, they are VoIP phone lines that are delivered to your phone system over the internet or via dedicated bandwidth. With Clearfly SIP trunks, clients are able to get modern features such as DID, inbound and outbound Caller ID control and SMS texting services at reasonable prices. If set up properly, SIP Trunks can have the best audio quality and performance compared to all other phone line types generally available today.

To achieve the features and quality of service expected by modern businesses, Clearfly uses session initiated protocol (SIP) trunking. Trunking is a fancy term for phone lines. SIP is the type of VoIP the has been widely adopted throughout the world as a standard for communications. SIP trunks have taken over the entire telecom industry and before long, most other forms of phone lines will be eclipsed by SIP trunks. SIP trunks are evolving, dynamic, inexpensive and feature rich. They allow for a much tighter integration with third-party products such as PBXs. They even allow for dynamic failover in the event of an outage, such as an internet line going down or a phone system going offline. Your next phone system should have SIP trunks.

If you have a more modern phone system that you would like to keep for one reason or another, you may be able to connect Clearfly SIP trunks to it with the use of adapters. This would allow for some limited integration enhancements and cost savings, while increasing quality and introducing many new features such as automatic failover, SMS texting and more.

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Our Satisfied Clients

"I would highly recommend Adept Networks for all of your personal and business IT needs! I'm constantly blow away at how fast they show up after we contacted them - no waiting around for help to fix a concern. Their level of customer service is the highest. I appreciate their attention to detail and their "can do" attitude."

Matt B. | Mercedes-Benz of Medford

"Adept always provides professional, friendly, and prompt service. You have helped us with all our issues, even the little things that are probably not your normal question or issues. We have always received exceptional support from Adept. You really have been there for us and are our 'go to' when we have an issue."

Jessica J. | Evergreen Law Group

"For any IT need I'll be looking to Adept first. They made a very large IT project very easy to manage from a client standpoint guiding us through the process one step at a time. Cutting over phone services have always been an issue in the past and Adept made the process so smooth our staff had almost zero down time during the transition."

Jefferey E. | Personnel Source

"Once we hired Adept for our IT needs, we had immediate service. Not only that, but it hasn't stopped! They are one of the few companies that I can say have gone beyond my expectations in their service."

Sherry D. | Mid Rogue Imaging Center

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