12 Common IT Problems Your Company Needs to Eliminate

For all the incredible and impressive advances that technology brings, it also besieges companies with what sometimes can seem like insurmountable IT problems. Undoubtedly, IT has the potential to fuel innovative solutions that enable leading companies to reach new heights in product development. IT can also help businesses simplify their users’ processes and business operations.

But on the flip side, many businesses also face a whole host of IT problems due to shortfalls in their business systems, a plethora of internal issues, and worst of all, cybercrime. Cybercrime is at an all-time high when it comes to incidents and costs for companies of all sizes.

Cybersecurity statistics:

  • It takes organizations like yours 277 days, on average, to identify and contain a data breach.
  • Phishing attacks increased by 61 percent in 2022.
  • 43 percent of attacks are aimed at SMBs, and only 14 percent are prepared to defend themselves.
  • 62 percent of organizations feel they are understaffed in terms of cybersecurity professionals.

Many companies rely on technology consulting to do the job when it comes to the many IT problems that need to be addressed and eliminated. Even so, it is a herculean task to stay on top of the ever-changing IT landscape and protect your business from IT irregularities and cybercrime.

But that shouldn’t deter companies like yours from identifying and eliminating troublesome IT problems. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is in your best interest to eradicate common IT problems so your enterprise can thrive and flourish by fully leveraging all the advantages of technology.

Here we will present the 12 most common IT problems that businesses like yours need to eliminate.

An outdated infrastructure can be an IT problem.

1) Outdated IT Infrastructure

Innovation is integral to the success of businesses like yours. But the difficulty in numerous cases is the implementation of new tools and systems.

This task is even more challenging for IT departments. Their agents are focused on their day-to-day requirements and hardly have sufficient time to implement new tools.

Also, they are busy troubleshooting IT disruptions with limited resources and are serving business units. Because this entails a lot of time and effort on their part, it stalls innovation.

2) Repeated IT Problems are Not Documented

If IT departments are not able to keep track of their issues, your business’s resources are wasted on solving the same problem over and over again. So, if you can’t gather information when an incident occurs, the IT department is not able to create action plans that help to address setbacks and decrease the number of requests. In these instances, addressing the issues from their origin is best.

3) No Data Backup / Backup Problems

If your business has a reliable backup strategy, you’ll be back up in operation quickly. But if you’re like 65 percent of SMBs, you don’t have a backup strategy or plan in place.

A data backup plan is something every company should have, no matter what size or industry you’re in. Failing to back up your data can be correlated with costing your business money. For example, the expense associated with a data breach can leave your company thousands of dollars in the red.

A common IT problem is too many employees have access to data and information

4) Too Many Employees have Access to Data & Information

This is one of the most common IT problems that your company will face. And that is because too many business owners overlook this issue. This is where contracting out for tech support could significantly help your company avoid this common IT problem.

Consider that it’s not necessary to give all your employees access to things they don’t need access to, like network passwords and information. It might be better to have just one employee control all access to your business’ data systems.

Your best bet is to give employees access only to the specific data systems that they need for their particular job duties. They should not be able to install any software without permission from you or the IT controller.

5) Shortage of Human Talent

It seems to be a race between the acceleration of technological innovations and staffing IT departments. Companies like yours often struggle to find qualified personnel to keep pace with technological advances.

In a study by Gartner, IT executives said that the biggest barrier they face today is the lack of talent to adopt emerging technologies. This is something that surpasses even the expense associated with implementation and security risks.

6) IT Asset Inventory is Out of Date

Typically, IT problems are related to a device assigned to a group of users, so IT professionals need to gather information to pinpoint the failure and apply an effective solution.

For example, when a group of users reports a problem having to do with the same digital asset, IT technicians have to check the service histories to identify the source of the failure and proceed to fix it.

A survey commissioned by TechValue reported that 33 percent of IT departments do not keep track of their assets, and when they do, it is through a spreadsheet or with outdated tools, so the information is not reliable.

Adept Networks in WA, OR and ID can keep your business secure with essential network security.

7) Poor or Nonexistent Network Security

Network security is one of the most essential parts of keeping your company safe, along with preventing common IT problems. Having a safe and secure network is vital for all-sized businesses, even if your company has just 10 employees.

Hackers won’t discriminate when it comes to infiltrating your company’s files and employee data. Sometimes, cybercriminals specifically go after small businesses like yours because they know a smaller company likely won’t have a robust security policy or can be breached with as simple a tactic as a friendly phone call to your staff.

8) Lack of Professional or Qualified Experience

If you don’t have anyone on staff who is trained or has the expertise to handle IT problems, your company is exposed to all types of nefarious players who want to harm your business. Your company is defenseless when it comes to cyber threats.

This is where having the services of business IT solutions could prove very helpful. An experienced and knowledgeable managed IT service provider can efficiently assist and monitor email and web hosting for your company. They can also perform this function for your data storage, network maintenance, server, and much more.

A managed IT services professional can monitor and work on your most complex IT issues. They also free up your in-house staff, enabling them to take on new projects, which heightens their job productivity.

Poor cloud management can be an IT problem with your business.

9) Poor Cloud Management

When your employees do not fully understand how the cloud works – and how it can be properly used to enhance business performance – many refer to this as ‘cloud confusion.’

The main benefit of cloud services is storing, accessing, and protecting data. However, it requires the right expertise and attention to do it properly.

10) Hardware or Software Issues

Perhaps you’re receiving system failure or error messages. When it comes to software and IT, it won’t be a matter of “if” it will break but “when.”

And when there is an IT malfunction, a simple reboot of your smartphone or laptop won’t fix it. If you don’t have the necessary resources present to replace and repair the software, you will be faced with a substantial loss, even company-wide.

Many businesses also forget that all technology devices have a lifespan, no matter how advanced they are. Manufacturers are all about selling your company their latest and greatest products. So, sometimes, repairs can even cost more than purchasing a brand-new machine or device.

11) Poor Judgement of Online Safety

It’s all about safety. Safety can’t be stressed enough. Your employees must exercise good judgment when using the internet. This is critical in protecting your business and avoiding the common IT problem of an unsecured network.

Your employees must learn how to evaluate the relative safety of a website, as that will help to prevent harm to their computers. Otherwise, your company becomes vulnerable to such incidents as phishing attacks, or fraudulent emails.

The number of scams happening daily on the internet is alarming. But it is also something that your business can prevent by being cautious of the sites you visit and the information you release.

A mobile device plan is vital when assessing IT problems.

12) No Mobile Device Action Plan

Mobile devices for both personal and business use, like smartphones and tablets, pose significant security and management challenges. This is especially the case if they contain confidential information or can access your corporate network.

With the prevalence of remote work, a mobile device, and a mobile device plan is vital when assessing common IT problems.

Request that all mobile users in your company password-protect their devices – change them regularly – encrypt their data, and install security apps. This will help to prevent criminals from stealing information while the mobile device is on public networks.

Because these devices are portable, make sure to establish reporting procedures for lost or stolen devices and communicate this to your staff.

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