The Best Productivity Apps for Small Businesses

Whether you're an entrepreneur who is just starting out or have a small business in the Pacific Northwest, productivity is vital to helping keep your business afloat. This is especially true for start-ups, where team members often wear many hats. Just like team members, the right or wrong app can set you up for success or leave you floundering.

From free services like Google Suite to pricey services like Monday or Asana, most small business owners are familiar with some sort of productivity app — but do you have the best ones? If you're short on time (and what business owner isn't), keep reading to find out what productivity apps are best for your small business.

Have Microsoft 365? Watch this Video to See if You are Paying for Productivity Apps You're Not Using.


Microsoft 365 Is One of the Best All-in-One Productivity Apps for Your Business

You're likely acquainted with Microsoft Word and Excel, but this software powerhouse has become a robust platform for many businesses. Microsoft has excellent apps for everyone, from email management to planning and everything in between. Plus, if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365, you might even be paying for some of these apps and not even know it!

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is like a versatile Swiss Army knife for businesses, offering a range of integrated apps that assist with financial management, operations, customer service, and more.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms simplifies data collection, survey creation, and feedback gathering, saving time and providing valuable insights, with added features like image inclusion in multiple-choice questions for engagement.

Microsoft SharePoint

Sharepoint is like an organized digital drawer where you can store, access, and collaborate on information from anywhere, and it offers powerful search and security features to keep your data safe.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is your stress-free cloud storage solution, providing easy access to your files from any device and simplifying file sharing and security.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner streamlines teamwork, turning chaos into organized plans with tasks, deadlines, and progress tracking while seamlessly integrating with other Microsoft 365 tools for efficient collaboration.

Project management apps can help businesses of all sizes.

Project Management Apps Help Businesses of All Sizes

Effective project management is vital to keeping your business running smoothly. Whether you need help running daily to-do lists, collaborating on team projects, or tracking the progress of critical assignments, project management apps can help your business run smoothly. Here are three favorites selected by your favorite IT support team in Medford:

1. Asana

Asana is a powerhouse when it comes to task and project management. It empowers all sizes of teams to plan, organize, and execute tasks with precision. It's incredibly intuitive, customizable, and has tons of integrations, which makes it an incredible, though pricey, tool.

2. ClickUp

The best free option for businesses on a budget, ClickUp offers incredible features that boost productivity. It's designed to help companies flexibly manage tasks, projects, and goals. It has calendars, messaging, forms, and tons of integrations.


For visual thinkers who love plug-and-play templates, offers many features that cater to all businesses; it has tremendous real-time collaboration systems, making it ideal for remote teams.

Productivity apps can help team members with collaboration, & task tracking.

Are Productivity Apps Worth It?

In theory, any of these apps could be replaced by an elaborate spreadsheet — but does anyone need more Excel docs in their life? While they can cost some money and require a little bit of setup time, the following features are why we can't recommend these apps enough:

  • Collaboration: They facilitate effective collaboration among team members, whether they're in the same office, in the same PNW city, or spread across the globe.
  • Task Tracking: No one wants to send constant emails or messages asking for updates, so these apps have robust task-tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor progress, set deadlines, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks — all without annoying your team.
  • Customization: No two businesses are precisely the same, which is why project management applications like these are highly customizable.
  • Integrations: While these project management applications are a hub for your business, they also integrate seamlessly with other productivity and communication tools like Microsoft 365, Google Workpace, and Zapier.
Google has so many valuable features to help your business with productivity.

Never Underestimate the Power of Google

With calendars, email, and a robust suite of cloud services, Google Workspace is one of the most powerful and affordable tools a small business owner can have. Here are a few valuable features that make Google Workplace one of our favorite productivity tools:

Cloud Storage:

With a free Google Drive account, you get a decent amount of cloud storage, and there are many options if you need more storage. It's a secure and easily accessible place to store and share files, eliminating the need for physical servers. If you've ever had a problem with your data backup, you know how scary it can be to lose your documents!

Collaborative Documents:

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow real-time collaboration. No matter where your team members are, they can simultaneously work on the same document, share comments, and track changes.

Video Conferencing:

Google Meet offers a reliable and secure video conferencing solution. With screen sharing and record options, it's great for virtual meetings, client calls, and team discussions.

Calendar Integration:

Google Calendar helps small businesses manage appointments, meetings, and deadlines efficiently. It syncs seamlessly with other Google apps and can be shared among team members.

Data Security:

Google's robust security measures protect your business data. It includes two-factor authentication, data loss prevention, and regular security updates. Let us know if you've had a data breach and need IT help!

Need Help Choosing the Best Productivity Apps for your Small Business?

The impact of productivity apps on small businesses extends far beyond simplifying tasks; they enable you to scale your business and improve customer service. As a small business owner, you must understand the tech options available to enhance your productivity and success. We've discussed a few of our favorites, but there are many excellent options for productivity apps currently, so don't be afraid to do a bit more research! If you have any questions about security or selecting apps for your business, Adept Networks offers IT consulting in Spokane and Medford for all your small business needs.

Adept Networks can help you setup your Productivity Apps

Is your small business looking to be more productive & set up for success?

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